Friday, December 30, 2011

Francoise Gilot

Probably the majority of kids my age either want to meet Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga...or maybe some athlete. Well the person that I meet in my dreams is Francoise Gilot, Picasso's fifth prominent lover, and the only one to still be alive (and to leave Picasso). Meeting such a large figure in Picasso's life would be almost a window into his aura, and I would be afraid to be to show too much interest into Picasso, rather then into Gilot herself. This would be doing Gilot a major disservice, not just because she has led an extraordinary life, but because she is also an artist. After leaving Picasso, Gilot married another significant individual in history, Jonas Salk, who found the polio vaccine. As the son of two doctors, Gilot's relationships bridge not only my passion, but also those of my parent's.
Upon finding out that my family was traveling to Paris and New York, two places that Francoise resides in, I decided to email her and see if we could meet. Either she thought I was a stalker, or she does not check her email (probably the latter) because Ms. Gilot never replied to my genuine email. The opportunity to get in contact with her presented itself again, this time through an article featured in the New York Times. It discussed the show juxtaposing Gilot and Picasso's work at the Gargosian Gallery.
...And i thought: "One of the relatives in my extended my family that I am closest to, my Aunt Marcy, lives in New York, she could go as a representative of me to the opening show and perhaps arrange a meeting with Francoise and I." Alas, I was too shy and too busy to contact my aunt about this, and the opportunity burnt into flames.


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